Customer reviews

The product works right out of the box. Hook two hoses to it and go. I have been using it to water my veggie garden from a pond. We have had a very dry period so I water twice a day, morning and midday so the pump has time to recharge for the next day. It has worked perfectly. Longer run time/charge would be nice. 

David L.

It has worked better than I had imagined! It works fine for a lawn sprinkler etc., but more than works for the Pharr Elementary Garden via drip rrigation or hand watering with a wand. Unfortunately someone had run the pump before Fox 5 Atlanta arrived (See Link on home page). A kid watered a bit with it until it ran out, but it doesn\'t look like they got a shot of it. I look forward to other products coming out.

 Zach B.

Absolutely excellent product, worry free, works like clock work, never brakes, does more stuff than you can imagin. I just ordered 2 more.

Vladimir K.

Excellent product. I use it to water my veggie garden through soaker hoses. Plenty of pressure to water 5 beds and easy to use with the timer. Set it and forget it!

Peter H.

Excellent product and OUTSTANDING customer service. The portable and reliable nature of this solar pump is such a boon to our off the grid lifestyle. The minor problems we have had (mostly user-error) were immediately resolved and answered by Alek - honestly the BEST customer service I\'ve ever encountered. The design is wonderful and having looked around at what other offerings that were out there in a solar pump before purchasing this pump (affectionately called Solee around our house) - I KNOW I made the RIGHT choice. Hats off to Solar Power Solutions for creating a system that works, works well, and being there in a fast and responsive manner whenever I\'ve had questions through the changing seasons.

Renea R.

This device does everything promised and has exceeded my expectations. I have set this up at my kids school garden. The garden didn\'t have access to plumbing or electricity, but I saw that a small creek was running behind it with clear water. I had about 60ft from the water source to the garden. There was about a 6 foot rise from the water source to the garden height. I connected the output of the hose to a pole-mounted sprinkler. The unit has been running flawlessly ever since setting it up 2 weeks ago. The company has provided exceptional customer service with fast shipping and quick answers to all my questions.

matthew h.

The system works very well though I could use a little more power and a little longer running time on a charge. I use it to water a 5200 square foot garden from 2 - 50 gallon drums. One charge will empty about 65 gallons, then I need to 'recharge. This winter I prepped and stored as suggested. In the spring the battery was completely drained and would not take a charge. I contacted customer service. They promptly sent me a new battery and instructions on how to change the battery. I replaced the old battery and it runs like New. I really appreciate the way customer service acted quickly and treated me with care. Even followed up to see how things were going. Thanks for backing your product and responding in a very professional and caring manner.

Edmund O.

Exceptional service after the sale. I did not store my battery correctly over the winter. Alek diagnosed the problem and was able to replace my battery. Works great to pump water from my creek to my koi pond.

Mike K.