Solar Powered Water Pump System for Irrigation

Solar Power Solutions

Automatic solar powered water pump system
    Also available with a single solar panel. Choose product options drop-down at the bottom of this page.
    Collects water from ANY source - lake, river, pond, drainage sewer, rainwater barrel, etc. - any water you can see up to 100 feet away!
    No priming required! Just drop a hose into water source and turn on!
    Can dry-run too with no damage.
    Connect output to anything - lawn sprinkler, drip-irrigation, water tank, etc.
    No electricity required - uses solar power to operate.
    Can work in automated mode - turns on and waters your lawn for 30-40 minutes every 2-4 hours during the day.
    Pump performance:
      2.9 GPM, 50 PSI
      Self-priming (no water needed to start)
      Dry-run is ok - will not overheat
      9 feet suction lift
      2-4 hours direct sunlight = 30-40 minutes pumping
          Unfold the solar panels.
          Place the unit so the solar panels are facing the sunlight.
          Put the fuses in the fuse holders.
          Set up the timer for the desired automatic watering times or manual mode.
          Attach a regular 3/4" garden hose to the "IN" connector.
          Attach a foot valve (provided) to the other end of the garden hose and drop it into water source.
          Attach your sprinkler to the "OUT" connector.
          Turn the toggle switch on.
          If manual timer mode is used, the pump will start working automatically and turn off when needs recharging. When recharging is complete it will turn on again.
          If the timer is set to a specific time, the pump will turn on at your desired time.

            $ 399.00